Tuesday, 25 August 2015

India Unit Study

Over the last three weeks the children have been finding out about India. Armed with a pile of library books they have read all about the country.

They located India on our large map of the world, noting it is in the continent of Asia and each made an Indian flag.

Gathering information from the books they read, they compiled some simple sentences on facts they thought were important to know about India.
We were inspired by the story of Amy Carmichael, Missionary to India, and her love for the children of the temples and her faithfulness to her mission. We read about her story and watched the Torchlighters DVD. Nathanael wrote a book about her.

 The children enjoyed finding out about the different animals that live in India. Whilst at the zoo for Tabitha's birthday, the children were excited to identify the elephant they saw as being Asian rather than African due to the size of its ears.
As an art activity they had fun drawing the Taj Mahal using black Sharpie pens followed by a watercolour wash for the background.
We also had a go at collaging some Indian style patterns, inspired by some textiles we have.

We had an enjoyable afternoon out at Rusholme, an inner-city area of Manchester. There are a lot of Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants and shops along the main road, known locally as the 'Curry Mile.' The girls especially enjoyed looking at the different shops containing traditional Indian clothing, shoes and jewellery.

 Of course we had to stop for lunch in one of the restaurants to try the food, and we took home a box of Indian sweets to sample!


  1. We've also been doing a project on India so it's very interesting to see what you've been up to!

  2. India seems a popular choice, at present. We are about to start a term on Asia at our home ed group. One of the weeks is on India. We are planning to read the Christian Focus picture book about Amy Carmichael. I love your Taj Mahal. We might try to paint/draw our own at home.