Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Do You Want To Sew A Snowman?

For a craft activity at our next home education group we are making felt snowmen.
If you would like to make your own with your child, here's how...

Place your background piece of felt into your embroidery hoop. If possible, buy the decorative hoops that have a handle so that your embroidery can be hung afterwards.

Cut out your snowman shape using white felt.

Sew the snowman on to the background felt using a running stitch like this - - - - - - - - -
If necessary, stick it down first with a piece of double sided tape to stop it moving around when the child is sewing it. Be prepared to re-thread the needle about 20 times!

Cut out and sew on any accessories you want your snowman to wear e.g. hat and scarf.

Sew on buttons. We used a piece of orange pipe cleaner for the carrot nose. You can buy stick on felt buttons from the Pound shop to make it a bit easier for little ones.

Add the snowman's arms. We used a brown Sharpie pen to draw them on, but you could cut them out of felt and sew on or even sew on little twigs.

Trim the excess felt neatly off from around the ring and there you have your own embroidered snowman. A perfect Christmas gift!



  1. I just love your blog! I was just thinking about teaching my girls to sew and this will motivate them, especially if they think it's related to Frozen! Thank you!

  2. Cool idea! My daughter would love this