Saturday, 13 September 2014

Our Week: On the farm, shapes, bridges, lighthouses and home education group.

This week the children had the opportunity to each spend a night away on a farm in the Peak District with their Granny.

Nathanael especially enjoyed his stay, spending time trying to restore an old tractor in the children's play area and searching for ancient artefacts at the site of an archaeological dig!

Using the iMovie software on the iPad he made a short video about his time on the farm.
Back at home, our maths focus was shapes this week and we had a 3-D shape hunt around the house.
We also revised the names of  2-D shapes and made people out of wooden shape blocks
and Abigail made a circle, square, triangle and rectangle on the peg board.
We finished off our unit study on the Little Red Lighthouse with a lesson on personification,
and enjoyed learning about different types of bridges; beam, arch, truss and suspension. We also found out about some of the worlds most famous bridges, our children's favourites being London Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, Moses Bridge in the Netherlands and Henderson Waves Bridge in Singapore.
Whilst Nathanael was enjoying some time at the caravan, the girls and I had a morning out at a local soft play centre and enjoyed an ice cream after.  
On Friday we had our monthly Manchester Christian Home Education group and the theme this time was the human body. The children sang together, played games, had a picnic lunch and participated in arts and craft activities.
A game where the children had to collect letters out of a tub of shaving foam and spell out God made me.
 In one of the activities the children drew around themselves and had to stick their different organs in the right place. It was good revision for the Human Body project we did last year.


  1. That looks like a fun week.

  2. Popping over to thank you for your comment :)
    What a great education your children are receiving! Love the human body.