Wednesday, 27 February 2013

House project

Over the last few weeks we have been working on a project based on the theme of houses. 
Our starting point was exploring ideas as to why houses are needed.
To link with our project we have been learning some memory verses from the Bible.

Tabitha's copy work from Joshua 24:15

Nathanael's copy work from Matthew 7:24
We also learned Psalm 127:1 and the songs "The wise man built his house upon the rock"
and "As for me and my house."
We visited the library to research homes through the ages.
A favourite book on this subject.  It shows the same street in different times in history.
The children enjoyed comparing and contrasting the scenes.
 We talked about the different types of housing you can find in our local area; detached houses,
semi-detached, terraced, flats, town houses and bungalows.
We then went on a house hunt, to see if we could find them all!

At the flats
A semi-detached house
We were very excited to find these Tudor style thatched cottages!
 We looked for similarities and differences in the homes we saw, talked about when we thought they were built and what materials they were made from.  The children especially enjoyed looking at the chimneys, windows and door furniture.
Bramall Hall
 We talked about the town we live in and where our favourite places are.
This is a lovely book, which is a good introduction to maps.
 Inspired by this book, Nathanael and Tabitha drew maps of their bedrooms and a map from our house to the park.
We carried out an investigation into the best materials to use for windows and discussed the differences between transparent, translucent and opaque.
Nathanael testing his window.
 We carried out another test to find the strongest way to build brick buildings. We tried building two different bonds (patterns of building the bricks) with Duplo and then threw a ball at each wall in turn.

We discovered that buildings with overlapping bricks were much stronger than ones with bricks placed on top of each other without an overlap.
 The children designed their own ideal house...
and built houses from clay
and from cardboard boxes.
The 'junk' houses incorporated into a Duplo game.
 Inspired by these two books we read, we painted some lighthouses.
Abigail and Nathanael's lighthouses.
 The project has generated lots of ideas for story writing.
Nathanael's books.
To incorporate maths into our project, we learned about odd and even (in the context of house numbers) and made a graph of the number of doors, windows, chimneys etc. in our house.
We have thoroughly enjoyed this project on houses and have already started our next topic on Cowboys (at Nathanael's request!)

Friday, 22 February 2013

Our Week

Spring has been in the air this week, so we have been enjoying lots of time outdoors. 
Bramall Hall with Granny.
Tabitha blowing bubbles.
 and climbing.
As part of the project we are doing on houses we went on a house hunt in the local area.  
We found some terraced houses!
 We designed and made our own sandwiches.
Tabitha making an egg, grape and cheese roll!
Nathanael's sausage, cheese pizza, jam and tomato ketchup sandwich!!!
 Every other week we attend a gymnastics class with other home educators.
Tabitha is starting to enjoy reading and writing simple words. This is an example of a word game we play. I write words on pieces of paper, fold them up and put them into a bowl.  She picks them out, one at a time, reads the word and draws it. It makes reading fun for her.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Family Day - Broadbottom and New Mills

Badge making at an RSPB event in Broadbottom Garden Centre.
Making a bird feeder.
Coal Mining at New Mills Heritage Centre.
Paul standing by a pulpit that John Wesley preached from. The pulpit once stood in the Methodist Chapel in New Mills.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Our Week

Our Bible play this week was the story of King Solomon making the wise decision about the baby in
1 Kings Chapter 3.
This week some of our educational activities have been spelling games,
writing letters
(with a royal stamp of approval) 
and large scale drawing on rolls of paper on the kitchen table.
Tabitha's town.
Nathanael's town.
To tie in with our current project on Houses, we carried out a scientific investigation to find the strongest way to build brick buildings. We tried building two different bonds (patterns of building the bricks) with Duplo and then threw a ball at each wall in turn. 
We discovered that buildings with overlapping bricks were much stronger than ones with bricks placed on top of each other without an overlap.
In History this week the children studied the Battle of Culloden.
Tabitha dressed as a Scottish Highlander.
 We created a playdoh cake shop
and baked some real biscuits on baking day.