Saturday, 13 September 2014

Our Week: On the farm, shapes, bridges, lighthouses and home education group.

This week the children had the opportunity to each spend a night away on a farm in the Peak District with their Granny.

Nathanael especially enjoyed his stay, spending time trying to restore an old tractor in the children's play area and searching for ancient artefacts at the site of an archaeological dig!

Using the iMovie software on the iPad he made a short video about his time on the farm.
Back at home, our maths focus was shapes this week and we had a 3-D shape hunt around the house.
We also revised the names of  2-D shapes and made people out of wooden shape blocks
and Abigail made a circle, square, triangle and rectangle on the peg board.
We finished off our unit study on the Little Red Lighthouse with a lesson on personification,
and enjoyed learning about different types of bridges; beam, arch, truss and suspension. We also found out about some of the worlds most famous bridges, our children's favourites being London Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, Moses Bridge in the Netherlands and Henderson Waves Bridge in Singapore.
Whilst Nathanael was enjoying some time at the caravan, the girls and I had a morning out at a local soft play centre and enjoyed an ice cream after.  
On Friday we had our monthly Manchester Christian Home Education group and the theme this time was the human body. The children sang together, played games, had a picnic lunch and participated in arts and craft activities.
A game where the children had to collect letters out of a tub of shaving foam and spell out God made me.
 In one of the activities the children drew around themselves and had to stick their different organs in the right place. It was good revision for the Human Body project we did last year.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Our Week

Monday school began with maths and a science lesson on light.
We then read together the book "A Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge" by Hildegarde Swift. Set in New York City, it tells the story of a lighthouse that is feeling overshadowed by the George Washington bridge which has been built next to it. We are using this as a springboard for a unit study based upon themes in the book such as lighthouses, boats, bridges, New York, personification etc.
Books to read for our project.
The children thoroughly enjoyed the book "A Walk in New York" and learnt lots of interesting things about the city. The children then compiled a collage about New York.
On Tuesday we read together Rachel Lyman Field's poem "I'd like to be a Lighthouse" and the older children wrote their own versions of the poem.
"I'd like to be a lighthouse
which guides ships so tall.
I'd like to be a lighthouse
 who sees fish so small
and when its dark, I shine so bright
with a great big flashing light!"
Nathanael age 7
"I'd like to be a lighthouse
so everyone can see me.
I'd like to be a lighthouse
not a tree."
Abigail age 4
Before piano lessons on Tuesday afternoon, we had some fun in the garden experimenting with different bridge designs to see which would hold the most coins.
This was the strongest bridge, with the card folded into concertinas.
 On Wednesday we had a family day out to Liverpool. Two highlights of the day were seeing the boats docked in the Albert Docks 
and visiting the Merseyside Maritime Museum.  
Nathanael found this P&O poster of particular interest, as it had been recreated using Lego bricks.
In the afternoon we visited the nearby Speke Hall, a National Trust property.
Riding on the buggy.
 It was a beautiful afternoon, so we spent lots of time playing in the woods, the park and in the maze. It was lovely and quiet as the schools had started again after the summer holidays. Abigail would have been starting Reception today, if she had been going to school, so it was nice to mark the day with a family day out.
Building on our theme of bridges,on Thursday we split up into two family teams and tried to construct bridges using newspaper and sellotape that would be strong enough to support two toy cars and passengers.
Team A's bridge!
Team B's bridge!
 That afternoon we visited a neighbouring homeschooling family, whose Mum, Elisabeth, is from America. She described to the children what is was like to grow up in America, she shared some stories from her childhood and talked about the similarities and differences between her homeland and England. She made the children popcorn to eat, which was a hit!
As part of our Bible study, we mind mapped all the references to light we could think of in the Bible.
In our technology session the children made their own working lighthouses out of plastic cups and some battery operated tea lights which I found at the pound shop. I hope to conclude this unit on the "Little Red Lighthouse" next week.
On Friday morning we enjoyed a nature walk at a local park, documenting the changes in season, seeing how much the ducklings had grown since our last visit and picking blackberries to make into a pie.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Our Week

Our second week of term has flown by. On Monday we discovered that white light is made up of lots of different colours.
Experiment using candle light and a CD to show the different colours of the rainbow.
The girls are enjoying their projects on pets and have been carrying out simple writing activities and puzzles.
Nathanael has been working on his lego project and has made a flow chart documenting how lego is made, researched lego through the years and has been completing lego challenges.
His lego challenge was "What can you make out of 50 lego bricks?"
A Monster of course!
On Wednesday Daddy took the Geography lesson, while I had a morning out. The children spent time finding out about Haiti, where a missionary family live that we support. 
Daddy also helped the children harvest some potatoes and rhubarb from the garden.
In Little Keepers Club, Tabitha and Abigail made fridge magnets to send as gifts to their Great Granny and Auntie Margaret.
On Thursday in music, the children worked upon their production of Oliver! Using iMovies they made a trailer for it. They hope you enjoy it! 
In the afternoon the children made collages of the book of Genesis using the Picture Smart Bible curriculum.
We had a morning out on Friday at Staircase House in Stockport, a restored townhouse with a rare Jacobean cage-newel staircase. They enjoyed writing with quill pens
and exploring the rooms that were decorated as different story books.
Goldilocks and the five bears!
We have built marble runs
and tried to make our own stringed instruments using boxes and elastic bands in our technology lesson.

Sunday, 24 August 2014


As you can see from the previous post our three week summer break is over.  A lot of cleaning, organising and planning happened in that time. Here are some of the children's highlights of the summer...
Stockport Carnival where we had a church stall.
A lovely family day at Peveril Castle in Castleton.
Can you spot the children?
Playing new games: Pop For Sight Words and Money Bags.
A morning out to Manchester airport to watch the planes take off and land.
Tabitha had her 6th Birthday on the same day as my mum's 60th so we celebrated with a trip to the cinema
and lunch at Pizza Hut.
We continued with our visits to local libraries and Nathanael made himself a jet pack, following instructions from a library book.
 As an end of summer treat we went to Froggatt Country Show.
Punch and Judy
Nathanael in spy glasses that he won as a prize in a game.
 We have officially declared summer over and the children are  counting down the days until Christmas!